Malheur Experiment Station 2017 Annual Report

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2017 Annual Report

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Monty Saunders driving a front end loader at the OSU Malheur Experiment Station. Monty has contributed to the research of Malheur Experiment Station over the last 30 years.

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2017 Weather Report


2017 Onion Variety Trials

Onion Production from Transplants in 2017

Onion Internal Quality in Response to Artificial Heat and Heat Mitigation During Bulb Development

Timing the Occurrence of Internal Quality Problems in Onion Bulbs

Evaluation of Chlorine and Diatomaceous Earth for Control of Internal Decay in Onion Bulbs

Onion Response to Various Outlook® Herbicide Rates Applied Through Irrigation Drip With and Without Fertilizer

Response of Red and White Onion Cultivars to Outlook® Applied Through Drip Irrigation

Onion Response to Chateau® and Fierce® Herbicides Applied Late Pre-Emergence on Mineral Soil

Onion Response to Fomesafen (Reflex®) Herbicide Applied at Various Timings on Mineral Soil

Surface Water Quality in Treasure Valley Irrigation Canals in Relation to FSMA Standards for Water Testing – 2017

Thrips and Iris Yellow Spot Virus Management in the Treasure Valley

Monitoring Onion Pests Across the Treasure Valley - 2017

Onion Cultivar Trial: Evaluation of Cultivar Resistance to Fusarium Proliferatum Storage Rot

Native Plant and Wildflower Seed Production

Direct Surface Seeding Systems for the Establishment of Native Wildflowers in 2016 and 2017

Irrigation Requirements for Seed Production of Various Native Wildflower Species

Native Beeplant Seed Production in Response to Irrigation in a Semi-arid Environment

Irrigation Requirements for Native Buckwheat Seed Production in a Semi-arid Environment

Prairie Clover and Basalt Milkvetch Seed Production in Response to Irrigation

Irrigation Requirements for Lomatium Seed Production

Irrigation Requirements for Seed Production of Five Native Penstemon Species


2017 Potato Variety Trials

Evaluation of Potato Pest Management Programs

Sugar Beets

Evaluating Potential Hormetic Effects of Four Herbicides on Sugar Beet

Sugar Beet Response to Dual Magnum® Application Timing for Yellow Nutsedge Control

Alternative Crops

Soybean Performance in Ontario in 2017


Appendix A: Herbicides & Adjuvants

Appendix B: Insecticides, Fungicides & Nematicides

Appendices C, D, and E

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