Leslie Gulch

Leslie Gulch is a strikingly aesthetic vastness of volcanic tuff towers in southeastern Oregon. This is a picturesque place where wind, water, and time have created spectacular panoramas of unusually sculpted conical towers, honeycombed pinnacles, and intricate multiple layered spires. Leslie Gulch is further known for its wildflowers, camping, and access to Lake Owyhee. The rugged canyons and rock formations of Leslie Gulch and Succor Creek are home to a population of California bighorn sheep.

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Leslie Gulch is accessible either through Succor Creek from Oregon Highway 201 south of Adrian or from US Highway 95 north of Jordan Valley near the Oregon-Idaho border. The drive to Leslie Gulch can be made in a standard two wheel drive vehicle over gravel roads. The BLM brochure on Leslie Gulch can be found at this link.

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Pictures by others

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Rock climbing at Leslie Gulch