Painted Canyon

Painted Canyon is a normally dry canyon that runs south into Carlton Canyon and lies between the Owyhee Reservoir and Three Fingers.  Painted Canyon is a scenic geological area of the Owyhee Watershed, Malheur County, Oregon.  The canyon was formed by complex volcanic and sedimentary activity followed by erosion. The rocks originated from a volcanic field that was active 14 to 16 million years ago. Volcanic activity produced lava flows (of rhyolitic composition), ash flows, and deposits of falling airborne ash. Both water and wind erosion have cut through various layers of geological deposits showing off the banded deposits on some hillsides. For local vegetation see our local vegetation database.

There is foot access from Carlton Canyon to the south or foot access from the extreme northeast of the Painted Canyon drainage.  Since there are no trails, follow the bottom of the ravines.  Be careful to protect the formations, carry out your trash, and follow personal safety precautions.  There is no drinking water.

The land is administered by the Vale District Bureau of Land Management.  No motorized vehicle traffic is allowed.  There are no convenient campsites. It is possible to camp on US Bureau of Reclamation land on the east side of the reservoir at the mouth of Carlton Canyon, many miles by foot down hill from Painted Canyon.

Painted Canyon photo gallery

Upper Painted Canyon, Malheur County, Oregon
Painted Canyon, Malheur County, Oregon
Painted Canyon, Malheur County, Oregon

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