W-2128, Microirrigation for Sustainable Water Use


  1. Compare irrigation scheduling technologies and develop grower-appropriate scheduling products
  2. Develop design, management and maintenance recommendations
  3. Develop best management practices for application of agrochemicals
  4. Evaluate use of non-potable water through microirrigation

Annual Meeting - Microirrigation for Sustainable Water Use

November 14-16, 2013
Denver, Colorado
Contact Axel Garcia, (307)754-2223

Project Description and Information at WAAESD

Maintenance of Microirrigation Systems

Minutes from Previous Meetings

Minutes of the 2012 meeting
Minutes of the 2011 meeting
Minutes of the 2010 meeting
Presentations from the 2010 meeting
Minutes of the 2009 meeting

Sand media filters

Wetting front for drip irrigated onions

Drip irrigated onion field in the center of the picture

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