Malheur Experiment Station Faculty and Staff

MES Staff

From left to right: Kyle Wieland, Alicia Rivera, Monty Saunders, Clint Shock, Jan Jones, Joel Felix, Joey Ishida, and Erik Feibert.

Dr. Clint Shock

Director and Professor Emeritus | OSU Faculty Page

Station administration and agronomy research: Production of onions, potatoes, and specialty crops using precision irrigation. Lead the research program on environmental issues including erosion control, excessive nutrient losses in surface water runoff, and groundwater contamination with nitrate and Dacthal breakdown products. Effectively participated in cooperative team efforts to correct environmental problems in Malheur County. | Shock Family Website



Dr. Joel Felix

Assistant Professor | OSU Faculty Page

"My research program focuses on development and support of weed management tactics that address grower economic growth while enhancing environmental stewardship for viable and sustainable agriculture. I believe that understanding weed biology and ecology is a key to effective weed management in agricultural fields. Currently, we have ongoing studies on weed management in dry bulb onions, sugar beets, corn, potato, alfalfa, and dry beans in the irrigated fields of Eastern Oregon."

Erik Feibert

Senior Faculty Research Assistant | OSU Faculty Page

Nitrogen and irrigation management research of onions, alfalfa seed and poplar trees; emphasis on drip irrigation; alternative crops such as soybeans, pharmaceuticals, and poplar trees; onion variety trials.



Janet Jones

Office Coordinator

Research and administrative support through many channels including reports, letters, and accounting; event coordination; receptionist.

Joey Ishida

Biological Sciences Research Technician

Support of weed control research, station operations, facilities maintenance.



Monty Saunders

Biological Sciences Research Technician and Farm Foreman

Support of research activities through field operations and record keeping, administrative activities, facilities maintenance, and station safety.

Alicia Rivera

Biological Sciences Research Technician

Support of research activities through data collection, care, and maintenance of experimental plots.



Kyle Wieland

Biological Sciences Research Technician

Support of research activities through field operations, facilities maintenance, data collection, and experimental plot care and maintenance.